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This is my opinion but these are the top 20 reasons I think People Love MJ:
1. He has a beatiful voice
2. He is the greatest dancer of our time
3. He knows how to dress
4. He facinates us with his personal life
5. His songs show alot of meaning

6. He writes his OWN songs
7. Beatiful brown eyes
8. Awsome Hair do
9. Knows how to pose for a picture
10. He loves Animals

11. He Loves all children around the World
12. Cares about the earth
13. Would not harm an animal
14. Donates to sick and disabled children
15. Makes awsome music videos
16. Cares about his fans
17. Gives fans new music often
18. Keeps on making great hits for us to listen to.
19. He is a good actor in Ghosts
20. He has a sense of humor.

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