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Michael Jackson, I am begging you PLEASE come to Canada!!!! Maybe there is not as much fans as in other contries, but the fans that there are, DESERVE to see you perform!!!! By the way, Canada is The Worlds 2nd largest country! Here are my reasons for you to do a tour in Canada and come to EVERY province, I know that would make ME happy!

1. You have not done a concert here in ages!!!! 2. You have tons of fans in every province!!!! 3. You should come to every province, because some peoples parents wont let their kids travel to a different province to see you!!!! 4.If you come in the winter, you could enjoy alot of snow!!!! 5. We would make sure that every show you do is a sellout!!!!

6. We all LOVE you!!!! 7. You would make alot of fans very happy!!!! 8. It would give us a chance to finally see you LIVE!!!! 9.You would be served with the BEST treatment if you came here!!!! 10. PLEASE GIVE CANADA A CHANCE AND COME HERE!!!! This part is just to beg you to come to a GREAT Canadian province called Alberta!!!!! The capital of Alberta is: EDMONTON!!!! Edmonton is the home of the World largest shopping mall, which includes a Amusement Park in it, A water park, A skating rink, and ALOT of stores!!!!!!!! Alot of famous singers have came to Alberta and done very well: 1. The Aritist Formely Known As: PRINCE 2. The Rolling Stones 3. U2 4. Metallica 5. Weird Al Yankovic 6. Boyz To Men 7. Backstreet Boys 8. Alannis Morrisette PLEASE MICHAEL JACKSON COME TO ALBERTA!!!!!!!!!!

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