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The Official Oasis Site: ~Very good site with lots of information~
100% Oasis: ~Very cool site~
Ace Oasis Page: ~Very neat site~
All Around Oasis: ~Check this site out~
Definitely Oasis: ~Neat Site~
Oasis-The Rock Gods Homepage:
An Oasis Tribute Page:
Oasis: The Fab Five:
Planet Oasis:

Hey Now Oasis: ~Cool Site~
Mad For Oasis: ~Cool Site~
Be Here Now: ~Cool Site~
I hope, I think, I know: ~Neat Site~
Oasis Mania!: ~Check this one out~
Oasis In The Desert:
Wonderwall Oasis:
"Headshrinker": Very cool Oasis site!!!

Up In The Sky: ~Cool Site~
Vic's Oasis Page: ~Cool~
Take Me Away: ~Very Cool~
Do' You know what I mean?: ~Cool~
Going Nowhere: ~Neat Site~
I am mad for it are you?: ~Visit this one~
Oasis Fan Page:
Geoff's Oasis Page:
Another Unofficial Oasis Page:

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