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These are my opinions on why Oasis are the biggest band in the world!

Oasis rock. Each and every one of them are talented, and Noel is a genuis. There music isn't the teen bop crap you here on the radio, it is real rock'n'roll.

Noes writes awesome lyrics and their music never gets boring. Believe me, I know. I listen to at least 3-hours of Oasis a day. :-D Liam's voice is loud and clear. I hate some singers when you can even understand a word they are saying.

Liam and Noel are both very hot, and I have to say that Patsy and Meg are very lucky to have such awesome and talented husbands. I wish Oasis the best luck in the future and hope they make many more great albums for all of us fans to listen to. Mad For It, Barb