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"Mum sat me down one night
saying 'What is going to become 
of you?' and I didn't have an answer.
But she never once told me to get a proper
job or settle down and get married." (Noel Gallagher)

"He had the Brian Jones haircut
and the shades and the white polo
neck and the red semi-acoustic....
from that day on I wanted to be Johnny Marr." (Noel Gallagher)

"Being with the Inspirals was a chance to
suss it all out for three or four years." (Noel Gallagher)

"If I hadn't had the songs, they'd probably have told 
me to fuck off." (Noel Gallagher)

"The thing about us is we're
honest. If we're asked whether we
take drugs, we say yes.
I was brought up by my mam not 
to be a liar." (Noel Gallagher)

"I've got a bit of a headache, a 
bit of a lump gathering over my eye
but if I have another 75 cigarettes
and a couple bottles of gin I'll be all right.
I might go to sleep tonight." (Noel Gallagher)

"I like Tony as a geezer, but he wouldn't have 
been able to drum the new songs." (Noel Gallagher)

"I'm there. I'm with the Beatles.
If you ask me where I'll be after my eighth
album incomparison to the Beatles, then they'll
piss all over me. Probably." (Noel Gallagher)

"After our next album, I want thtis band
to take a big block of time off." (Noel Gallagher)

Note: All the quotes were taken from:
Oasis: Interview disc and fully illustrated
book, by: Mick St Michael.

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